Top Places To Visit In Jaisalmer With A Family

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Are you planning a family vacation to Jaisalmer? Look no further! Jaisalmer, also known as the “Golden City,” is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan, India. This vibrant city offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and adventure, making it an ideal place to visit with your family. In this article, we will explore the top places to visit in Jaisalmer that will captivate both you and your family.

Places To Visit In Jaisalmer With A Family

Jaisalmer Fort: A Marvel of Architecture

Start your Jaisalmer journey by visiting the majestic Jaisalmer Fort. Perched on a hill, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a sight to behold. As you walk through its narrow streets and alleys, you’ll be transported back in time to an era of grandeur and valor. Explore the intricately carved Jain temples, vibrant marketplaces, and stunning havelis within the fort. Don’t forget to catch the panoramic views of the city from the fort’s ramparts.  You can also take a tempo traveller jaipur to visit the Jaisalmer Fort and nearby attractions.

Patwon Ki Haveli: A Treasure Trove of Opulence

Another architectural gem in Jaisalmer is Patwon Ki Haveli. This cluster of five havelis showcases exquisite craftsmanship and stunning artwork. Each haveli tells a unique story and offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the merchants who once resided there. The intricately carved facades, ornate balconies, and delicate latticework will leave you in awe.

Sam Sand Dunes: A Desert Adventure

No trip to Jaisalmer is complete without experiencing the desert charm of Sam Sand Dunes. Located on the outskirts of the city, these vast stretches of golden sand offer a thrilling adventure for the entire family. Hop on a camel safari and explore the dunes, or try your hand at dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle. As the sun sets, witness the mesmerizing beauty of the desert with a cultural performance showcasing folk dances and music. You can also take a bus Rental Jaipur to visit the Sam Sand Dunes with a family group tour.

Gadisar Lake: A Tranquil Escape

Escape the bustling city and find solace at the serene Gadisar Lake. Built in the 14th century, this man-made lake served as a crucial water source for the city. Take a leisurely boat ride and admire the cenotaphs, temples, and shrines surrounding the lake. The peaceful ambiance and picturesque views make it an ideal spot for a family picnic or a romantic evening stroll.

Thar Heritage Museum: Unveiling the Past

Get a glimpse into the rich history and heritage of Jaisalmer at the Thar Heritage Museum. This museum showcases a vast collection of artifacts, including ancient coins, traditional costumes, weapons, and household items. The museum’s interactive exhibits and knowledgeable guides make it a fascinating experience for both adults and children. Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Jaisalmer as you explore this treasure trove of knowledge.

Kuldhara Village: A Haunting Mystery

Embark on a journey to the abandoned village of Kuldhara and unravel its haunting mystery. Legend has it that the villagers disappeared overnight, leaving behind a ghostly aura. Explore the deserted streets, crumbling houses, and eerie silence that shroud this village. The tales of the curse and the supernatural make it an intriguing place to visit, especially for the thrill-seeking members of your family. You can also take a car rental service in jaipur to visit the Kuldhara Village and nearby attractions.


Jaisalmer offers a unique and enriching experience for families looking to explore the beauty of Rajasthan. From the magnificent Jaisalmer Fort to the tranquil Gadisar Lake, each place has its own story to tell. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or adventure, Jaisalmer has something to offer for everyone in your family. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey in the heart of the desert.

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